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Using original spare parts extends lifetime of your device and reduce the malfunctions. In short, it allows you to keep your business working without interruption and allows you to saving money. Although, non-original parts looks similar to original ones, they largely differ in quality and material durability.

Original spare parts unlike their counterparts;

  • It does not deform easily.
  • There would be no compatibility problem in assembly.
  • It is long-lasting
  • It’s made of high quality materials.
  • It reduces the repair cost and keep the equipment original.

It should be remembered that, work or changes made by non-expert people can cause different system malfunctions. We recommend that you should have these operations done by our Authorized Service. It will be sufficient for our customers who have the idea of making an economical spare parts stock so that cooling devices that operates all year round can work without any failure.




It is recommended that periodical maintenance of your devices is very important to specify possible failures, to reduce repair cost and to minimize loss of time. You can spend more time to your business and production instead of dealing with maintenance of your devices.

You can leave all these routine works to us with periodic maintenance contracts and use your time and energy more efficiently. This will cost you less than you think.

If you consider the savings in tool and workshop expenses, the importance of periodic maintenance will come into focus more. The best insurance against predictable and unexpected malfunctions is the Periodic Maintenance Contract.

If the problems are diagnosed early, they can be fixed before they turn into major malfunctions. If repair process known detailly, the budget can be organized better. The document of the previous work done on each device can be fully recorded. Periodical maintenance agreements can increase the efficiency of the device by reducing the malfunctions. It can reduce the labor costs by providing flexibility in schedule. All preventive maintenance of the devices is carried out by our trained personnel according to its technique with specially equipped maintenance tools. Our goal is to offer flexible contracts that fit to your expectations.

You can easily make an appointment by applying to our company for changing the parts such as bearings, pulley, belts, Nozzles, emptying your tower pool, cleaning it, painting it, and changing the filling materials if necessary, of your cooling tower. Keep in mind that, dirty condenser will cost you incomparably more expensive than the periodical maintenance services will do and will cause so much electricity consumption.

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